Terms Of Use

Plain English Disclaimer

We know you hate legal mumbo jumbo.

By purchasing your membership to T-shirt Design Club you agree to the following:

What You Can Do With The Designs

You can place any design on any physical product and sell it.  You can use our designs for your marketing.  You can use our designs for your ads.  You can use our designs in your store.  You can pretty much do anything, except…

What You Cannot Do With The Designs

You cannot resell the design files.  You cannot permit anyone else to use the PNG design files.

What About The Mockups?

Same as above.  Use them in any way you can think of, however, you cannot resell them or grant permission to other users.

What About Copyright Claims?

T-Shirt Design Club its owners or any affiliates are not responsible for any copyright claims or damages/losses that may be associated with such claims.  We do not guarantee against any trademark complaints or infractions.  What we can guarantee is that a good faith effort was made to provide original designs.  Professional graphic designers were hired to create original designs for everything contained in the T-Shirt Design Club library.  The fact is, this can be a dirty and competitive business and sometimes claims are thrown around without merit.  If you believe any of our designs are in violation, please email us at support@tshirtdesignclub.com and we will remove it.

Individuals are responsible for their own actions and are advised to check for trademarks and copyrights.  Additionally, while T-Shirt Design Club and it’s owners and affiliates will make every effort to communicate and trademark/copyright infringements, we are not responsible.


This is business and if you spend money you may lose that money.