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What Is T-Shirt Design Club?

Start a Print-On-Demand Business for just $27.

  • Launch multiple campaigns quickly and cheaply.
  • Get your brand noticed with our High Definition Video Mockups.
  • Populate an entire e-commerce store for a fraction of the cost.
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The T-Shirt Design Club Advantage

Which Mockup Do You Think Will Grab More Attention & Get More Likes On Social Media?

The World Is Going To Video

That's why many of our designs come with professionally created, 1080 HD video mockups just like the one you see above, giving you the chance to...

  • Boost Engagement
  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • Make More Sales Without Wasting More Money


Fully Editable Photoshop T-Shirt Mockup Templates 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are you different than the other guys?

A. First of all, we're way cheaper. We also manage our designs a little differently. Instead of a stagnant library of designs that worked two years ago, we are scouring for trends to influence our new designs every month.

Q. Are all of the images on a transparent background?

A. Yes, all images are PNG files on a transparent background. At minimum they are 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi. All new designs are 4500x5400, 300 dpi, PNG, transparent.

Q. Why do I need T-shirt Design Club, can't I just hire a designer myself?

A. You sure can, however, even on Fiverr (which is one of the cheapest options) quality designers charge around $15 per design. This pays for itself on your second shirt.

Q. Are all the designs original?

A. Absolutely. While some designs may be modeled after current trends, we employ a team of professional graphic designers to create all of the custom designs contained in our library.

Q. How and where can I use these designs?

A. As a member you have full rights to use and sell all of the designs in any printing capacity you can imagine. You can do anything from dropshipping with a "Print On Demand" supplier to printing t-shirts yourself and selling them on a street corner.

Q. Sounds Great, is there anything I can't do?

A. Yes, you are not allowed to resell the digital designs. Anything you sell must be printed.

Q. Does it have to be T-shirts or can I use these designs on cell phone cases.

A. You can print on cell phone cases, hats, coffee mugs, canvases, tote bags, throw pillows, blankets, beach towels, birthday cards...anything you can think of.

Q. What's your refund policy?

A. Due to the nature of our product we do not offer refunds.

Q. Aren't there going to be a bunch of people selling the same t-shirts?

A. Dude...do you realize how big the internet is? That's just an excuse.

Q. How often do you add new designs?

A. We continue to add new designs every month.

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